SlicerSALT Shape Analysis Toolbox

SlicerSALT is the dissemination vehicle of powerful shape analysis methodology based on 3D Slicer open-source software.

Download SlicerSALT

With SlicerSALT you can...

Compute Point Distributed Models (PDM) using Spherical Harmonic Representation (SPHARM-PDM)

Run 4D regression in a collection of 3D PDMs associated to a linear variable (i.e. age)

Perform correspondence optimization using study-wise shape analysis

Fit skeletal representations (s-reps) to a collection of binary volumes

Compute image-based correspondence in binary volumes of non-spherical and complex topologies

Use advanced shape statistics for scientific hypothesis testing

Access all functionality through the graphical user interface

Perform command line batch processing

Perform shape space exploration and PCA analysis in Point Distributed Models